Technomousse, MTB Mousse GREEN CONSTRICTOR 27,5" ja 29"

It does not crumble and has no expiration date
It does not cut
Specifically designed for e-bike and MTB

Technomousse Green Constrictor is the first anti-puncture system designed specifically for bikes and e-bikes that guarantees absolute rim protection.
Exceptional durability and performance even in the most extreme conditions and offers three modes of use: tube, tubeless and with sealing liquids.
It allows the tyre to be used at much lower pressures, significantly improving the grip of the tyre and the ride feeling.
It is ideal for all mountain and enduro rides: it absorbs most of the vibrations, ensuring a smoother, more comfortable and more precise riding.
The Green Constrictor mousse perfectly supports the tyre even in the event of a puncture, simulating a pressure of about 0.5 bar inside the tyre, which allows to ride home without the risk of damaging the rim.
Technomousse, Mousse Lube m75g

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